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Poster: dire--wolf Date: May 30, 2005 12:29pm
Forum: etree Subject: SMART FTP HELP

could someone please explain how smart ftp works? i would really appreciate it. thank you.

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Poster: Wharfrat73 Date: May 30, 2005 9:10pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: SMART FTP HELP

I think these tutorials are great: If you have a specific question, post it here and someone will answer it.

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Poster: glenn Date: May 31, 2005 10:39am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: SMART FTP HELP

Install smartftp by executing the install file (usually doubleclick it) I recommend you allow it to install to the directory it wants, unless you have a reason why not....

Turn it on by doubleclicking the program icon.

When it opens, you will see an address window at the top... it's a text field that says something like 'yourserver' in it.

The address bar needs an ftp address.

Archive puts a link to ftp addresses on the left of the 'details' page for a given file...

sometimes that link will open up a window showing the ftp directory... if so, copy the link from the address bar at the top of that page

on the live music archive it's usually posted in 2 parts like:
this file is on:

Directory: /2/audio/gd74-09-14.aud.hanno.6162.sbeok.shnf

that address needs to go in the address bar on the smart ftp window... all in one piece like:

make sure:
if you copy and paste it, you don't 'copy a space into it' it needs to be all 'oneword/with/no.spaces'

now you have the address input, to connect, you can hit enter, or click the connect button near the top left of the window...

smatftp now connects to the remote ftp server.

there are 2 windowpanes open at the top of the page now, once you are connected. on the left is a list of folders, on the right is the contents of the active folder... if you enter the full address in the address bar, the active directory is the one you are looking for.

If you enter just the server name, you will need to scroll down the list (on the left)to find the folder/directory you want.

Once you are looking at the folder that has the files you want, select the file or files by highlighting them in the right pane.

you can select multiple files by holding down the ctrl key while clicking on the filenames. once all you want are selected, let the ctrl key up/take your finger off it.

Now the files you want are selected on the remote directory

next step is to tell smartftp where to send the files...

right click one of the highlighted files, a menu comes up, select 'download'... [menu opens] 'global queue' (a queue is a waiting line, like when you wait at the bank or supermarket)

a menu opens... choose local folder

a browse window opens, and you need to select the folder you wish to download to...

at this point, the files go into the queue, and are waiting to be downloaded.

the queue is the lower portion of the window... the second tab is the one you will find the files listed on.

start the download: by pressing the blue triangle icon next to the 2 yellow bars icon... if you see a red square (stop button) to the right of the 2 yellow bars icon (which is the pause button) that means the download is already started... your settings determine whether it started automatically or not.

so you've pressed the blue button, and the download is started, or it started automatically..

you are now downloading... depending on the file size and your connection speed, it will take a long time or a short time of course.

It's quite a bit easier than it sounds, and maybe the faq will help or not, depending on if you are good at reading faqs or not..

But just kinda try it out, a lot of people can run smartftp without any instructions, it's made to be pretty user friendly.

If you want to see how fast it's downloading or how much of each file is left, click the speed tab, or the connections tab. The speed tab takes a few minutes sometimes to register an accurate average of what your speed is.
If you get started, and get stuck, go ahead and describe what your problem looks like to you, right here in this forum and almost anyone will be glad to answer/help.

uploading with smartftp is pretty much the same, in reverse, sort of.

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Poster: dire--wolf Date: May 31, 2005 12:16pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: SMART FTP HELP

thanks glenn. very kind of you to take the time to go through that with me. i started it and it seems like it is working. it's a lot better than right clicking on the file in the archive directory for the show. how do you upload? what i mean is that, i have a bunch of shows that might not be on the archive that i would like to up load and share. do i need hardware to plug my tape deck in? can anyone upload into the archive?

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Poster: glenn Date: May 31, 2005 4:31pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: SMART FTP HELP

yeah, I know faqs sometimes have more info than you need and can be hard to deal with... just help someone else out when you can.
Q: how do you upload? what i mean is that, i have a bunch of shows that might not be on the archive that i would like to up load and share.

A: first, check to see if the show is already available on the archive, use the search box on

and make sure the menu box next to the search field is set to 'live music archive'

and you might want to look this page over first:

(that's a direct link, but if you need to find it, the link to that page is on the left side of the Internet Archive>Audio page ( ), it's labelled 'arrange an upload' )
This page is the first stop on the way to uploading to lots of important info there on organising and naming files to work well with the archive's facilities... as well as instructions on where to upload to...

Q: do i need hardware to plug my tape deck in?
A: you'll need the tape deck of course, and depending on what kind of sound card you have, you will need an appropriate cable that fits into the line out or perhaps headphone jack on the tape deck...

best would be if you have a really good soundcard that can convert analog to digital well... unless its a digital deck, which is even better, I assume for now that its analog.

the above answer will be considered to be way oversimplified by some.. if you want a more thorough answer, look at some of the FAQs on, they are pretty well written and cover more of the answer than I will be able to off the top of my head. in addition to the links above, see:

now etree is very very much concerned with source quality, so bear that in mind... not everything on the etree site will apply in general to, but that's a real good place to look to start with. lots more info than I could give.

Q:can anyone upload into the archive?
A:yes, generally anyone can upload, if the uploader has permission from the copyright holder to do so... this includes if they give blanket permission to the community, you yourself don't have to get more permission than that. Just respect the owner's property rights, and don't upload something they wouldn't want uploaded.

an exception is the grateful dead, there is the GDIAP grateful dead internet archive project.. as I understand it, they are sorting out quality issues, to get the best sources uploaded first, and have aske d for no Grateful Dead uploads at this time... I think that moratorium is still in effect (someone correct me please?)

The uploading part is pretty easy, there is a tutorial on the smartftp site:

and the 'uploading by global queue' section is the one that will most resemble the way you are downloading, probably best for you I think... the first link 'View' is a link to a javascript-and-flash version. I can't link directly to it because its a javascript link, just click on 'view' under the Transfers >Upload - Global Queue section...

I don't use flash on this machine so I can't see that page, but I think it is like a movie that walks you through it. If you have flash installed and can see that page, it might be better than:

which has all the info as well with no javascript and no flash.

I think I'll leave you with that, and let you post your next question here again if you get stuck... and if you don't get an answer here pretty quickly, it would be ok to email me:
drglenn(-'A'T'-) is my address, just replace the stuff in the middle there with @. And write it down, cause I'm not going to leave my email address here for eternity, I'll edit it out of this post in a few days.

You probably can find all the info you need on those pages I referenced above, so look them over.

Feel free to keep asking questions here if you have read the FAQs and can't find the answer. Since you are downloading right now, I think it will be easy to figure out the mecanics of uploading files but *pay*close*attention*to the info on directory structure and filenaming, if you name a file wrong or arrange your folders wrong, it could be a pain to deal with. My first upload took quite a while because I did that part wrong like twice. Had to upload a huge folder 3 times if I recall. The ftp transfer using smartftp is really going to be easy, the hard parts will be putting the file into digital format (the first time only, after that, no problem) and getting your file structure just right.

So read all you can, but be sure to relax, take a break, stretch etc... don't get all clenched up, it won't help.

good luck, let us know if you need more help

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